Football’s global and therefore Liverpool FC is as well. We acknowledge that there are plenty of foreign LFC fans living in Finland which is why this is your one stop page to get included with your kopites!

”The aim for the OLSC is to support the English football club – Liverpool FC – and further aid spreading the word in Finland.”

Where to meet?

Use our web application and check the current recommended pubs

What do you do?

OLSC Finland runs a forum and a Facebook group. We also publish a Finnish independent magazine called Norwegian Wood. It comes out 1-2 times a year. We also arrange two meetings per year and at the spring meeting we elect the board for the forthcoming season and decide the membership cost amount. Season membership fee is 20€ and family membership 10€. Youth membership (under 18y) 10€.

How do I get myself included?

If you’re interested in joining us, fill the form:

After joining, you will receive an e-mail with the membership invoice.

If something chances from your info, please contact info[at]

Is it possible to get tickets to LFC matches?

We’ve been an official LFC supporters branch since 2008, which gives us the right to apply for tickets in Premier League matches played at Anfield. This ticket tally is only for the OLSC members and applying for the tickets requires a LFC Full or Light membership card + registering it to OLSC Finland. Contact us for more information at info[at]